order now order now We are experts in creating all forms of church chancel furniture.

cheap generic viagra mail order pharmacy Alter Tables
Baptismal Fonts
Communion Tables
Communion Rails

order now We offer many styles of Chancel Furniture to fit your organization’s needs. Let our experience serve you. We can analyze your architectural space and identify style-appropriate forms that accentuate or fit right in. We are ready to work with you whether you are planning to start fresh or are remodeling.

over the counter viagra Displayed below are specific examples we are ready to begin making for you today. Do you need more? Be encouraged that we are also ready to collaborate with you on identifying other designs or are ready to customize to your specific designs needs.

Altar 414

414 Altar

Communion Table 306

Communion Table 306

Altar 5066

Altar 5066

Communion Table 4460

4460 Communion Table

Communion Table 3708

3707 Communion Table w/lettering

Altar 2060

Altar 2060

Altar 1406

1406 Altar

Altar 635

635 Altar

Altar 595

595 Altar w/two front arches

Altar of Repose 526

526 Altar of Repose

Altar 515

515 Altar

Altar 430

430 Altar

Altar 417

417 Altar

Portable Altar 412

412 Portable Altar

Communion Table 206

206 Communion Table w/ closed back

Acrylic Lectern 3300

3300 Acrylic Lectern

Acrylic Lectern 3300W

3300W Acrylic Lectern

Acrylic Bible Stand 3301

3301 Acrylic Bible Stand

Acrylic Baptismal Font 3303

3303 Baptismal Font

Acrylic Lectern 3304

3304 Lectern w/o shelf

Acrylic Lectern 3304W

3304W Lectern w/o shelf

Acrylic Offertory Table w/Cross 3307

3307 Offertory Table w/acrylic top & cross

Acrylic Table Top Lectern 3310

3310 Acrylic Table Top Lectern

Acrylic Flower Stand 3313

3313 Flower Stand

Acrylic Lectern 3319

3319 Lectern w/acrylic top

Acrylic Lectern 3325

3325 Lectern w/acrylic top

Acrylic Lectern 3305

3305 Lectern w/o shelf

Acrylic Collection Box 3330

3330 Collection Box w/lock

Acrylic Pulpit 3350W

3350W Pulpit w/o cross

Acrylic Communion Table 3362W

3362W Communion Table w/wood top and lettering