Wood Framed Model S2 Chair

Model S2 – Wood Framed Church Chairs

These wood framed chairs utilize formed plywood for strength and Oak face veneers for added beauty. They come with your choice of fabrics and finish. Select from a wide selection of 100% Nylon Scotchgard®-Treated Fabrics. The Model S2 also uses 2″ Deluxe Foam Seat with 1″ Deluxe Foam Back. Experience the beauty of Oak face veneers with your choice of finishes. These wood framed chairs are designed to be stacked for easy storage and enables flexible use of your room’s space.

Standard Features:
٠ 2″ Deluxe Foam Seat with 1″ Deluxe Foam Back
٠ Wide Selection of 100% Nylon Scotchgard®-Treated Fabrics
٠ Made of Formed Plywood for Strength and Beauty
٠ Oak face Veneers with Choice of Finishes

Wood Framed Model S2-Front

Wood Framed Model S2-Back w Kneeler

Wood Framed Model S2-Stackable