Our Products

Residential or Commercial

We are woodworking craftsmen and professional craftsmen in all the required ancillary trades. This allows us to deliver a broad product offering.

Nothing equals the beauty, durability, and timelessness of solid wood and that is our specialty after over 40 years and thousands of successful installations. Select the products you want and we will build it out of what you want. For many applications, we have found no wood is better than the beautiful, rich grained oak which we carefully select and process through our own dry kilns and modern woodworking machinery.

We will create for you products ranging from fixed seating pews, pew ends, flexible seating chairs, to an unlimited variety of chancel furniture such as wood altars and communion tables, pulpits and lecterns, congregational wood chairs made from solid oak, various styles of celebrant and sanctuary seating, prie dieu’s/kneelers of many styles and sizes, baptismal fonts, credence and offertory tables, and various other items and accessories from bible stands to bookracks to personal kneelers. We also offer a line of acrylic furniture including pulpits, lecterns and tables as well as crucifixes with solid walnut crosses. We also offer many options and accessories to increase the versatility and usefulness of your products selections. Kneelers, bookracks, arm rests, and cup, card, and pencil holders can be chosen from in order to give your pew or chancel piece that specific look you require.

In addition to Church Furniture, we are a full Millworks shop capable of complex architectural wood fabrication used in high-end homes, auditoriums, law offices, government buildings, commercial spaces, bars, restaurants, theme parks, and cruise ships.

We can help guide you through the process to deliver a winning proposal:
Our Promise to You

Need help with the array of choices? Work with us to help design the best solution for you.

We promise to create and install the best handmade products available to meet your design and budget. Work with us to get what you want and experience the difference.

Lectern 6020

Lectern 6020 w/one shelf

Pulpit 3750

Pulpit 3750 w/extended shelf for lamp (additional options available)

Lectern 2985

Lectern 2985 w/two inside shelves

Lectern 5025

Lectern 5025 w/extended shelf for lamp

Pulpit 3720

3720 Pulpit (additional options available)

Lectern 2955

Lectern 2955

Lectern 2950

Lectern 2950

Pulpit 1450

Pulpit 1450

Pulpit 631

Pulpit 631 w/two shelves

Pulpit 2050

Pulpit 2050 w/extended shelf for lamp

Lectern 1420

Lectern 1420 w/two inside shelves

Pulpit 630

Pulpit 630 w/two inside shelves

Lectern 2020

Lectern 2020 w/two inside shelves

Lectern 1220

Lectern 1220 w/two inside shelves

Pulpit 620

620 Pulpit w/rectangular trim columns (additional options available)

Pulpit 590

Pulpit 590 w/two inside shelves

Lectern 511

Lectern 511 w/two inside shelves (additional options available)

Platform Pulpit 364

Platform Pulpit 364 w/three shelves

Lectern 530

Lectern 530 w/two shelves

Pulpit 368

Pulpit 368 w/ one shelf with adjustable

Pulpit 360

Pulpit 360 w/two inside shelves

Lectern 520

Lectern 520 w/two inside shelves

Pulpit 367

Pulpit 367 w/one shelf

Pedestal Pulpit 355

Pedestal Pulpit 355 w/drawer

Lectern 336

Lectern 336 w/one shelf

Music Stand 324

Music Stand 324

Portable Lectern 311

Portable Lectern 311 w/wood top

Lectern 328A

Lectern 328A w/one inside shelf

Adjustable Lectern 323

Adjustable Lectern 323 w/one shelf

Portable Lectern 310

Portable Lectern 310 w/vinyl top